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Our smart technology

The Evo System is a revolutionary platform that has been developed from the ground up.

The digital dashboard grants owners and property managers access to an online platform, which provides real-time updates and detailed information on their properties and service history.

The apps, tailored for renters and trades provides ease of reporting problems, access to documents and ensures the highest quality of work is completed when required with the correct competencies, at the right place at the right time.

Residents App

Residents can find important information about their home through their super smart app. Loaded with digital documents and  answers to questions to assist self help.
They can also report problems and request incredibly quick emergency response should the worst happen – all part of the service!

Report a problem

Residents can easily report a problem, add photos and videos plus any additional comments as required…
Instant notification of the job being logged provides peace of mind that the issue will be resolved quickly, once approved, simply select a convenient time for attendance by a qualified tradesperson.

At your convenience

Residents can manage appointment time-slots around their lives and see who is attending before the visit.
Notifications and SMS messaging keeps everyone in the loop, and being able to talk directly to the trades just makes thing easier.
Sometimes residents prefer to leave keys to access, and this is accommodated too, tightly integrated with KeyNest for easy drop-off and collection.

Know your home

A wealth of knowledge is available within the app…
Sometimes you just need to know how something works, or find out where the stoptap is.
Under the FAQ’s section you’ll find information about the most important parts about your home and within documents you’ll find digital home guides, appliance user manuals and, safety certificates alongside any rental agreements or service terms stored securely in one place, ready to access anytime you need it.

Superhero Trades

Our trades app allows our service team to pick up the right jobs local to them. Using clever algorithms to match make jobs ensures only plumbers get plumbing jobs, whilst electrical issues are sent to electricians.
Service teams are provided with direct access to service history and repairs carried out at the property before, giving even more information ahead of time helping achieve even more first-time fixes.

Job Dispatch

With built in navigation, trades can let residents know when they are on their way with smart geo-tracking and check-in with our CodeScan tags at the property.
In-App real-time sharing of basic contact information, access codes and any key collection notes, allows our trades to spend more time working and less time waiting.
These features are deeply embedded and designed to help trades get the job done faster with fewer issues and prevent mistakes.

Service History

Service visits are updated with a report of works carried out accompanied with time-stamped photos, along with details of any parts and materials used.
Records are generated as well as allowing for reporting of any further works required after completion.
Job billing is automatically created for completed works, showing payment status meaning less paperwork and fast settlement.

Digital Dashboard

All places, people, jobs and events are logged through the digital dashboard, made available to owners, landlords, managing agents and property managers.
Providing a single point of truth, records are generated from pre-populated information, creating a real-time calendar and property logbook.
Notes and documents can be added across many places makes it super simple to log and find information, exactly where you expect it to be.

Jobs, Events & Messaging

The online dashboard allows you to see the progress of jobs in real-time, including time on site, find completed jobs, pay invoices and so much more.
Need to get an urgent message through, mark the note as important and it’ll flag on screen and send a notification to the connected parties.