Who do I contract with?
Your job contract is directly with Evo as we act on behalf of Landlords and Property Managers, assisting their residents with repairs and services. Evo is the customer and recipient of any services you provide to us via our platform. Note that only our support team have authority to instruct any works that you ultimate carry out for us.
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How long is the standard contract?
The contract offered is on a job-by job basis. Jobs are issued via our platform to the marketplace based on skill, location and time of day. Upon registration you will select the skills that match the service that you wish to provide and can be edited at any time. Some skills require specific qualifications and accreditations such as GasSafe for heating engineers and NICEIC (or equivalent) for electrical works.
How do I receive jobs?
Jobs  issued to the marketplace platform using our CrowdFix feature and will appear as New Jobs on your Service Provider app provided that the job meets your skills, operating area and operating time. You may (from time to time) be assigned specific jobs directly if you are an approved and specified provider.
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What about out-of-hours emergency jobs?
You can elect to receive emergency jobs via your app settings under Availability & Settings. Here you can set your normal working hours, and change the notification tones received for standard jobs and emergency jobs. If you have selected that you are available for out-of-hours emergency jobs they will appear on the Service Provider App. Emergency Jobs must be attended to within 2 hours of acceptance.
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Do I have to pay any set fees when providing my services through Evo?
No, we do not charge a commission on jobs. Evo provide a rate card that we pay for each skill, area and time based on 1st hour then per minute thereafter. Some jobs are fixed price and/or fixed time; however, you will be notified of these before accepting the job.
What are the benefits for me joining Evo?
Not only will you have access to many additional jobs in your local area, completing more jobs for us brings your payment terms down to 14 days. Along with additional jobs, our system automatically monitors all jobs on acceptance rate, success and completion time to ensure our best Service Professionals get the most jobs. Remember with Evo our job notifications are real jobs not time wasting leads.
When do I get paid for jobs carried out?
As per our standard terms you will be paid every 21 days from the date of payment notice. A payment notice is generated on the successful completion of each job. Upon successful completion of 10 jobs the payment schedule is reduced to 14 days.
How do I get paid?
You will be paid automatically every 21 days from payment notification, or 14 days after successful completion of 10 jobs. The payment received will represent either the fixed price for the job or the time worked on a job by job basis plus any approved expenses uploaded through your Evo Services App.
If I have to provide materials, how are these reimbursed?
Parts and materials used are uploaded through the app on job completion. All expenses are verified by our back-office staff to ensure compliance and protect against fraud. Accepted expenses for materials are included within your payment.
Do I need to hold any qualifications, accreditations or licences to join Evo?
This depends on the jobs that you wish to accept. If you wish to carry out gas works then you must be GasSafe, as such NICEIC (or equivalent) for electrical works. All contractors must be CRB cleared and hold a minimum public liability insurance of £2 million. We also require you to upload your driving licence for identification and your bank details for automatic settlement of payment.
How do I know my data is safe?
Our mobile apps and platform utilise some of the most advances technology for Internet security available today. When you visit any of our websites or login to your dashboard using a supported web browser, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects your information using both server authentication and data encryption. On any of our sites you will see a small lock icon in the address bar of your browser display, indicating that a secure connection has been established to our servers.